How to register in BC

Instructions for beginners

It is not at all difficult to register with a bookmaker that can accept bets via the Internet from Russians. Some players are a little intimidated by the identification of the person, which must be completed before the start of the game at any Russian bookmaker, and which slows down the process somewhat. In fact, there is nothing complicated about it. We are figuring out how to quickly and painlessly pass identification and registration in a legal betting shop in Russia.

The full list of bookmakers that have the legal right to accept online bets from Russians can be seen in the rating of Legalbet bookmakers. The place of each company in the rating depends on the number of users of our site who have noted that they play on the website of this bookmaker.

Briefly. After the transition of all legal BC into a Single MCC in October 2021, registration became much easier. If you register in the first BC in your life, you will automatically have an account in the MCC. And then, by the same phone number, your data will be pulled from there by other offices where you will start an account.

And now in more detail.

Registration and identification of the person in the MCC
Transparency of financial relations between the bookmaker’s office and the player with the introduction of new legislation is now provided by the MCPIS (the Center for Accounting for transfers of interactive bets). All deposits to bookmakers’ accounts now pass only through the MCC, it is impossible to bypass this link in the chain.

You can register on the website

TSUPIS or on the BC website, you will have an account both there and there.
Since October 2021, a Single MCC has been operating on the market, created on the basis of the First MCC. The second TSUPIS based on “KIWI Bank” no longer works.

Registration in a Single MCC

(aka ECUPS) takes place right on the site and wears the usual, standard form. The player does not provide any special data: Full name, passport, phone number to which the account will be linked, and the gaming account on the bookmaker’s website. After registration, you need to confirm your identity, that is, pass identification.

There are several ways of identification in a Single MCC. Online, quickly and simply, you can pass the entry-level identification. By submitting the documents in person – a full one, which removes the limits on transfers.

  • Remote identification (initial)
  • It includes the following options:

Identification based on passport information. The bookmaker will ask you to send your passport details and/or send scans (photos) of your passport, SNILS or INN. In some cases, the office may request identification via a video call, and for this you also need to prepare a passport.

Identification through “Public Services”. This is the easiest way to verify your identity. The Internet portal of public services will transfer your data to the MCC in seconds. That’s it, you can go to the website of a legal bookmaker.

It is important to understand: if you have passed the initial identification, then you will have limits on the deposit and withdrawal of money. Among them:

The maximum amount of one payment is 60,000 rubles.

The maximum total turnover per month (for balance replenishment and money withdrawal) is 200,000 rubles.
To remove financial restrictions, full identification is needed.

Offline identification (full)
You will need to take your passport, phone and visit one of the organizations:

Bookmaker’s betting acceptance point if BC has such. . This is the only free option. You can confirm the identity for the MCPIS in the PPP of the bookmaker “1xStavka— – this is the organization’s partner in this project.

The logo of the bookmaker’s office 1xStavka –

25,000 ₽
for beginners
Salon of the Svyaznoy retail chainThere are in more than 1200 localities in Russia. . The cost of identification is 300 rubles.

Service point “Contact”There are in medium, large and large cities of the Russian Federation. Availability in your city can be checked on the website of the payment system — . . The cost of identification is 150 rubles.

During the visit, inform the employee of the organization that you want to confirm your identity in the NGO “Mobile Card”. The process will take no more than 15 minutes.

Attention! Fraud sites “TSUPIS” appeared

As soon as interactive bets began to gain popularity in Russia, fraud sites began to appear on the Internet, which allegedly offer the registration and identification procedure in the MCC. Legalbet strongly recommends that you carefully check the Internet portals that players trust with their personal data.

At the moment, there is only one official website of the MCC on the Internet: . All other sites ( ,,, etc.) are not official resources! It is good if the player is simply automatically transferred to the bookmaker’s website. There are cases of phishing, when the login and password of the client to the personal account in the betting shop are stolen. More about the topic of scam sites:

Attention! Fake TSUPIS sites are gaining popularity on the Web

Registration at the bookmaker’s office

Registration in a bookmaker’s office is a necessary step to betting. The procedure also takes place online, and after switching to a Single MCC, it is unified.

If you have already opened an account in the MCC, the bookmaker will compare the entered data with those that you transmitted to the organization for the same phone number. If not, it will verify the data and transfer them to the MCC. Naturally, the player must be of legal age, and the account must be opened in his own name.

For some bookmakers, identification can be done not only on the website, but also in the PPP. The client comes to one of the points where you can confirm your identity, presents a passport. The cashier checks the data with the registration and approves the verification of the player. Once again, it should be noted that it is also possible to simultaneously pass identification for the MCC in the betting shop’s PPS.

To help beginners, the Legalbet website has step-by-step instructions for starting the game on the website of each Russian online bookmaker: each of them examines in detail the process of registering on the bookmaker’s website, verifying the account, depositing and withdrawing funds, choosing a bet, etc. All articles on how to start betting with a particular bookmaker are available in the section