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How to complete identification in BC

BC BETTERY is a legal Russian bookmaker that started operating in 2020

In terms of the quality of live service, the office occupies a leading position in the Legalbet rating.

All money transfers between the bookmaker and the player go through a Single MCC. To start betting in BETTERY, you need to register and confirm your personal data. In the article we will tell you in detail about all the ways of passing identification.

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  • Verification methods
  • BETTERY offers its customers four verification methods:
  • by passport (initial status);
  • through the portal “Public Services” (initial status);
  • in the offices of the Messenger, Contact (main status);
  • according to the club card of the Fonbet bookmaker, This is the BEST partner. .
  • The initial status allows players to spend

transfer money and place bets, but sets limits. For example, the maximum amount of one application for payment / winnings is 60,000 rubles. The main status increases the amount of one payment and a win request to 595,000 rubles. There are no restrictions on the turnover of money transfers per month. These levels are observed by all the best bookmakers in Russia.

The process of registration and identification in the BETTERY BC:

Step-by-step instructions
You can place bets in legal bookmakers in Russia only after confirming your personal data. Let’s analyze step by step how the betting process is organized and what opportunities the player has.


  • To register with BETTERY BC:
  • Write a valid mobile phone number.
  • Specify the date of birth.
  • Come up with a password consisting of Latin letters and numbers.
  • Confirm your consent to the processing of personal data.
  • Click the “Next” button.

An SMS message with a code will be sent to the specified smartphone number. Enter the code from the SMS in the appropriate field.

If you already have an account in the Unified Customer Center (that is, a verified personal account in any other legitimate bookmaker), enter the same phone number when registering. This will speed up the verification.

How to register in BETTERY

Verification in BC BETTERY
The next step will be to confirm the data specified during registration. After completing the first step, BETTERY immediately offers two online ways to pass verification: by passport data and through the public services portal. More often, the field for filling in passport data opens immediately.

Questionnaire for filling in passport data, as well as SNILS or INN


  • Online by passport
  • Passport verification is probably the easiest way.
  • Unlike a number of other bookmakers, BETTERY does not ask to photograph anything.

Select the identification method by passport number.
Fill out the questionnaire: specify your full name, date of birth, passport series and number, as well as INN or SNILS.
Confirm your consent to the processing of information.
Click Continue.
Nothing else is required. After passing the identification, this method will be assigned the status of “Initial”.


Online through the portal “Public Services”.
This method is available to those who have already confirmed an account on the portal.

Choose the method of identification through “Public Services”.
Go to the website of the Unified MSS and log in.

Select verification through “Public Services”. Grant access rights to the NGO “Mobile Card”, it manages a Single MSS. Check your details and complete the identification. If the data is not yours, click Cancel.

Checking the information takes no more than three minutes. After identification, your account will be assigned the “Original” status.

How to identify yourself in the BEST

How to get full verification in BETTERY
If you want to bet large amounts of money, you will need identification with a personal presence (offline method). Visit the Svyaznoy office / Contact the passport of the Russian Federation and inform the cashier about the desire to pass identification. The service is paid: in Svyaznoy it costs 300 rubles, in the Contact Department – 150 rubles.

  • After confirming your identity, you will need to top up your account and place a bet. The following deposit methods are provided:
    VISA, MasterCard, Mir bank cards;
  • Electronic wallets TSUPIS, QIWI, Webmoney, Yumopeu;
  • mobile operators MTS, MegaFon, Beeline, Tele2.
  • The minimum deposit amount is 100 rubles.

How to distinguish yourself on the club card of BC “Fonbet”. Life Hack
This method is not offered on the Bettery website and app, but it works. The instructions are simple: Register on the website or in the application of the Fonbet bookmaker. When registering, use the same number that you registered in BETTERY. .

Visit the Fonbet ground club and tell the cashier that you want to be identified and receive a club card. The cashier will ask for your passport and phone number. .

Activate the card at the bookmaker’s office in the club.

Complete the identification on the Fonbet website or in the application by selecting the “By club card” option. The identification will be updated after the first deposit to the BETTERY account. As a result, you will be able to place bets not only in BETTING, but also in the clubs of the Fonbet bookmaker, as well as on the Fonbet website and in the mobile application.

What is identification and why go through it
Identification is a mandatory procedure that is carried out to determine the identity of the client. According to the legislation of the Russian Federation, legal bookmakers are required to check accounts after registration in order to avoid fraud.

Without user verification, the office has no right to accept money from the client and pay out winnings.

  • What does verification in a Single Customer Center do?
  • Verification in a single MCC allows new players to try to play with different bookmakers without going through lengthy identity verification procedures.

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