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How to get a bonus in BC

Bookmakers’ bonuses and promo codes

This page presents bookmakers’ bonuses for registration, as well as temporary promotions timed to popular sporting events. Before using the bonus or taking part in a particular promotion, please read the terms and conditions carefully.

“Rating of Bookmakers” has collected the best bonuses of bookmakers and tells about them in detail. On the current page, users will be able to learn about the conditions and features of the current offers of the BC, the types of offers from bookmakers, as well as information about the correct use, wagering and other useful information.

Types of bonuses in BC

Betting companies currently distinguish the following types of bonuses:

  • Cashback;
  • Freebet;
  • Welcome, on the first deposit;
  • On deposit, for previously registered users;
  • Urgent shares;
  • Sweepstakes and contests;
  • Loyalty Program;
  • For attracting a friend.

Let’s analyze each view separately. Cashback is a refund. Bookmakers divide it into two subcategories – a refund for lost funds for a specific period and cashback for deposits made. Usually, any cashback needs to be wagered on specific conditions.

Freebets are free bets

There are more subspecies here, since freebets can be provided to players for registration, installing applications, winning a quiz, for a birthday, or as part of a loyalty program. A distinctive feature of such a bonus is that wagering is possible with one bet – in case of a pass, the player takes a net profit, and if he loses, he does not lose anything.

Welcome, for the first deposit is an offer in which new players of betting companies receive a bonus for the first deposit after registration and account verification. It has favorable conditions – you only need to register and top up your account. But wagering such a bonus is usually not easy – you need to bet on an increased bonus amount several times in comparison with the nominal value of the offer, while the conditions for betting are not always loyal (there may be inflated coefficients or specific game disciplines for placing a bet).

The deposit bonus for previously registered users differs from the previous type only in that it is available only to those players who have already spent some time on the service for an active game. Otherwise, the conditions are similar to welcome offers, which gives such bonuses the status of difficult wagering.

Fixed-term promotions imply the fulfillment of certain conditions for obtaining freebets / cashback for a specific period of time. For example, players are given a week to make the most bets with high odds according to the specified conditions: for this they will receive a monetary reward.

Sweepstakes and contests are usually held with large prize funds and more complex conditions. Contests may have smaller amounts of rewards, but the bookmaker’s requirements for participants will be more loyal (for example, betting on hockey and getting points, bypassing other participants). Mass draws can be accompanied by a powerful prize pool, which includes not only money, but also smartphones, watches, household appliances, as well as cars or real estate.

A loyalty program is a special set of conditions that implies remuneration based on the results of a certain period. Unlike a fixed-term promotion here, the bookmaker does not imply a time frame and makes the offer permanent for all categories of users. For example, you can bet on any game disciplines with different coefficients and get loyalty points, which can then be exchanged for real items or money.

A bonus for attracting a friend is a typical example of a reward for participating in a referral program. The player needs to provide other bettors with a link to register with a betting company, according to which you need to create an account and verify it. If the invited user fulfills these conditions and starts actively playing, both players receive a cash bonus.

Promo codes

This is the name of special combinations of symbols, when activated, the BC gives separate bonuses – free bet, cashback, exclusive prizes, etc. The main difference is the need to enter symbols in a special column on the promotion page before fulfilling other conditions for receiving remuneration.

Terms and conditions for receiving the bonus

There are no universal rules and conditions for receiving gifts and prizes from bookmakers. There will be differences in each case, but there are several common standards, the exclusion of which will impose a taboo on participation in the bonus offer.

For example

  • Reaching the age of 18;
  • Citizenship (for legal bookmakers and offshore bookmakers from other countries);
  • Making a deposit (no deposit bonuses are an exception);
  • Completed account verification;
  • Acceptance of the terms and conditions of the BC, as well as the provisions of the bonus program;
  • Getting one bonus within one account.
  • How to use bonuses in bookmakers correctly

In BC, bonuses can be used for different purposes. Most players try to get bonuses for instant enrichment and increase the amount invested on the deposit. But you can pursue other goals: for example, develop your own strategy or figure out the mechanics of the game in a pre-match / live on a specific service before starting the game for real money. Some users are trying to understand which psychology should be followed to start the game, whether they can rely on luck, check themselves.

There is no specific algorithm for the correct use of bonus funds.

Each bettor chooses an independent path for the correct use of bonus funds and the purpose of obtaining it. Any reward will need to be placed on real bets, so if there is a goal of obtaining additional profit from bonus funds, then it is worth carefully and carefully analyzing possible events that will become passable and bring money. The same standard should be followed in a real game. When making a bet on bonus money, try to model your behavior as if you are betting your hard-earned funds: this will help you make a better choice and manage your bank more efficiently in the future.

How to win back and withdraw bonus funds

BC bonuses always need to be won back. The funds received immediately cannot be withdrawn in any of the offers – this is the policy of betting companies. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the terms of the offer and try to fulfill them exactly. To withdraw bonus funds from the bookmaker, you will need to do the following:

Take part in the promotion and agree to its provisions (if necessary);

  • Place bets according to the bookmaker’s terms and conditions;
  • After fulfilling the wagering conditions and with the remaining bonus funds on the account, wait for their transfer to the real balance and request the payout of winnings.
  • An important point: any BC before creating a payout requires users to place bets on the amount of a real deposit, otherwise the withdrawal of funds will not be available.

For what reasons bookmakers may refuse to charge bonuses

Bookmakers’ bonuses are sometimes unavailable to users, and there may be several reasons for this. We are talking about the accrual stage – players intend to receive a reward, but in the end they are not awarded it, as a result of which complaints are received against bookmakers. But in fact, such situations arise due to the mistakes of the bettors themselves, so we will analyze the most common reasons for refusing to charge bonuses:


  • The player creates several profiles on the bookmaker’s website in order to receive a bonus multiple times;
  • Lack of consent to accept the terms. For example, a bettor registered, made a deposit, but did not receive a bonus due to the fact that he had not previously filled out his profile with personal data, did not confirm the mail or did not check the box about agreeing to the terms of the bonus company;
  • Attempt to re-receive a bonus from one account;
  • The absence of fulfilled conditions by the player.
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Is it possible to get several bonuses in one BC?
  • Yes, this is possible, but provided that different offers are compatible with others, according to the rules of the betting company.

Why do bookmakers give bonuses?

BC awards bonuses to users to attract attention. A double benefit is created – the bookmaker gets an active player, and the bettor gets the opportunity to multiply the invested funds by participating in the bonus offer.

  • What will happen to the bonuses if they are not used for a long time?
  • Almost all bonuses have an expiration date. In case of its completion, all rewards automatically burn out and become unavailable for further use.
  • Which bookmaker has the most attractive
    bonus conditions?

Each BC tries to create exceptional conditions for its clients to receive the most profitable bonuses. In this case, it is difficult to single out a specific company that has the most attractive conditions for bonuses. You can only get acquainted with all the offers on the current page and choose the optimal bonus for yourself.