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How to win back BC bonuses

Many bookmakers provide their clients with bonuses.

Most often, this is the initial bonus at the first replenishment of the account. This is usually a sum of money equal to 100% of the deposit. But the difficulty is that this money needs to be scrolled a certain number of times on the bets in order to then withdraw it to the main account.

How to win back bonuses at the bookmaker 1

Beginners often get lost and do not really know how to deal with the bonus of the bookmaker. They bet on various events, which leads to a rapid loss of the prize money received. After several such failures, the bettor has a logical question about how to win back bonuses at the bookmaker’s office in order to increase the size of the game pot. This is exactly what we will tell you in this publication.

  • Bookmakers’ conditions for wagering bonuses
  • The rules of bookmakers clearly indicate all the conditions for receiving and wagering bonus funds. Usually bettors must fulfill the following conditions:

To make a bet by ordinaries or express trains with coefficients not lower than certain;

  • Bet the bonus amount a certain number of times.
  • Make all bets within the time limit set by the bookmaker.
  • Transactions can be made both live and before the match. Most bookmakers allow you to combine events from live and pre-match painting, thereby expanding the field of activity for betting participants.

As for the minimum sizes of coefficients that are taken into account in the bonus agreement, it is often 1.3 or 1.5. Often bookmakers set such a condition that you need to bet only with express trains consisting of at least 3 events with quotes of at least 1.5.
It is quite difficult to win back bonuses with express trains in bookmakers, so we do not recommend getting involved in such adventures. So you can lose not only the prize money, but also the main money on the gaming account.

Ways to win back bonuses in bookmakers

So after all, how do I get a bonus from a bookmaker to the main account? We recommend placing bets in such a way that a zero balance of losses and winnings is observed. This method will allow the bettor to scroll the prize amount the required number of times. How to do it?


The simplest and most accessible method is to put “Corridors” on basketball totals or handicaps according to the strategy. The idea, of course, is not new, but it is quite working. The essence of the “Corridors” betting strategy is that the bettor first makes a deal for the upper total, and then for the opposite value of the lower total. It is important that the value of the lower total exceeds the value of TB. The coefficients for the two markets should be as close as possible to 2.

An example of bets on ordinaries can be such – TM(165.5) and TB(162.5) with coefficients of 1.9 and 1.95. For obvious reasons, such options are rarely found in the bookmaker’s home line. Often they put corridors in different offices in order to catch the highest possible coefficients.
It is logical to make transactions in live, since the values of totals here are often adjusted depending on the performance of teams. The algorithm is as follows: we put the upper or lower total first before the start of the match, and in live we catch the opposite total, but such that the difference between the two values is maximum, and the quotes are not lower than 1.9. Thus, we will form a wide corridor and increase the probability of getting the total number of points into it. If the result does not fall into the corridor, then one bet wins. In this case, the bettor may lose 5-10% of the bet funds or win the same amount if a deal with a 2,1 kef, for example, plays.

But if, after many non-falls into the corridor, the bettor wins two bets, then the winnings received compensate for the previous losses. This is the essence of the “Corridors” technique, that after ten comparative failures, the player breaks the jackpot and makes up for minor losses and goes into the plus. For our case, this is an ideal way to win back the bonus of the bookmaker.

Flat and catch-up bets

Many bettors use the popular financial strategy of betting flat. It consists in the fact that the player allocates a certain percentage of the bank for transactions, depending on the coefficient. We recommend betting as often as possible, allocating 3-4% of the budget to markets with coefficients close to 2.

We recommend that you decide on the sports that you understand best.

If the bettor’s skate is tennis, then you can bet on the totals and odds of the favorites and outsiders, or on the dry victories of the grandees (on the exact score of 2:0 or 3:0). The main task of such bets is not to drop the bank, ensuring at least a zero balance.
It is good to bet flat on winning the next point in table tennis when equal rivals meet. If the coefficients are close to 2, then you can use the Dalembert catch–up, or Oscar Grind, or at least Martingale. The opponents will take points in turn, and there will not be a long series of five or six points won by anyone.

Thus, it is possible to win back the bonuses of bookmakers both flat and catch-up. It is important to find matches of equal rivals so that the coefficients approach two.


Bettors who correctly use financial strategies and place bets on those sports in which they are well versed are able to win back bookmakers’ bonuses.